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Universal Device Poller Temperature Alert


I'm trying to setup Temperature Alerts for the servers which been setup via Universal device poller.

All temperature readings are being monitored by following:

temperatureProbeReading - pulls current temperature reading from all sensors on the server
temperatureProbeUpperCriticalThreshold - display critical values for each sensor on the server

So far I was only able to create simple alert which takes "temperatureProbeReading" and fires off alert if it goes over a specified static value.


Type of Property to Monitor: Custom Node Poller

Trigger Alert when All or the following apply
 field Poller Name is equal to value temperatureProbeReading
 Status is greater than or equal to 50

I need to setup a rule which will take "temperatureProbeReading" value and trigger alert if the reading is  equal or greater than "temperatureProbeUpperCriticalThreshold" value

Could you please point me to the right direction or share some examples on how to do this.

Thanks very much.

I'm using APM4.20 NPM 10.2.2

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Old thread back from the dead!

I don't think SolarWinds has the ability to do a comparrison of 2 UnDP readings yet. (Feature request, anyone?)

However, in the case of the OP's issue (and assuming only Dell servers are covered) there it would be better to alert based on the OI which is the temperatureProbeStatus and will return one of the following status codes:

    other  (1),

-- the status of the object is not one of following:

   unknown  (2),

-- the status of the object is unknown

-- (not known or monitored)

   ok  (3),

-- the status of the object is ok

   nonCriticalUpper  (4),

-- the object is at the non-critical upper limit

   criticalUpper  (5),

-- the object is at the critical upper limit

   nonRecoverableUpper  (6),

-- the object is at the non-recoverable upper limit

   nonCriticalLower  (7),

-- the object is at the non-critical lower limit

   criticalLower  (8),

-- the object is at the critical lower limit

   nonRecoverableLower  (9),

-- the object is at the non-recoverable lower limit

   failed  (10)

-- the status of the object is failed

If you have other UnDP queries, it might be best to start a new discussion with a bit more info on things like hardware invovled, the OIDs you're polling, etc.

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Any updates on this?

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I need this too.


I have no 'temperature' condition. and cant find a download to import one for this either.

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Has anyone ever figured this out? 

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