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Routing Table Changes


I'm looking at seeing if there is anyway to create a new alert in Solarwinds to alert on changes to the routing table if it changes by 10% or more.

We are using BGP as the routing protocol, and I have been able to find this - Create an alert when BGP route goes down or is missing - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Hoping to see if there is anyway we can monitor the actual changes?

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There are two tables you could look at to get the data:

- NPM_RoutingDefaultRouteChange - This will give you history of the changes for default route

- NPM_RoutingNeighbhor - this gives you Node, Neighhour IP and the LastChange date/time.

So if you want to just track the default route changes, then you have it in one table.  If you want to know what the last change is for the routing neighbours, I suggest adding a trigger to log its history.  If this is what you want, let me know and I can write one up.

I would very much appreciate any guidance you could offer. If there is already and article regarding this I could go follow up with that as well, I just didnt find anything in my searches.

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I am also having issues with this could you assist?

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