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Network Atlas and Lab question...

Hi team,

I recently took a class with Ed Barbieri called Configuring Orion Platform, it was fantastic. During part of the instruction Ed showed us a place where users have shared their configured examples for different types of monitoring. I was typing and trying to capture the url, but all I got was a partial link and have been searching for a while. It appeared to be a great deal of maps, alerts, etc and how to set them up. Any help is appreciated getting me pointed in the right direction. The cache of ideas was awesome, and inspiring.

I literally have in my notes:

Thwack-: Alert Lab: go there and check it out.Something like… (get rest of url)

Can anyone help get me there?

Second question,

I'd really like to set up a network atlas monitor of our stacks in the datacenter. Most of the nodes are configured, and I have an idea around the steps required to set it up, but I absolutely must have this. Any direction is appreciated. Pic attached for reference.

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Re: Network Atlas and Lab question...

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