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Level 7

If, for any reason, the device SNMP agent is restarted on the monitored object, SolarWinds NPM may indicate a false reboot.

This below alert garneted by Orion
slc-cisco-wae-p1 rebooted at Friday, February 19, 2016 05:34 AM

However, I have checked the device info. is showing "the
system has been up for 27 weeks"

slc-cisco-wae-p1#sho ver
Device Id:

System was restarted on Fri Aug 14 01:17:14

The system has been up for 27 weeks, 5 hours, 29 minutes, 6

I am unable to find why Monitor generate this alert. Could you
let me know why its happened this wired behavior.

How will be fix this issue in Orion.

If anyone come to forward question my answer I will appreciate. Thanks

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Level 11

Unfortunately this is far more complex than it should be in my opinion.  The way it was explained to me is 'back in the day', SNMP was tied to things such as router restarts, etc..  Which, if SNMP was restarting, it was because the piece of equipment was being restarted.  Now a days, the use of SNMP is now used more  'perversely' because it is tied to things such as services, and they can restart and doesn't mean a system has gone down or been rebooted.

This article should help shed some light on why it is a bit more complex, but what I probably misquoted to some degree was the history of what snmp was used for and now its use: