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How can you use old snmp trap varbinds variables in the new OLV?

I am trying to extract a field from a SNMP trap but I cannot find anyway of doing it in the new 2019.4 RC1 release. Is there a variable equivalent to ${varData1} in the latest realease?

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You can use SWQL queries in the alert message (or custom query) to extract the varbinds. It's a bit messy but it is discussed in this thread:

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I can confirm 100% the above is correct. Everything is dumped as a "message".

This is logged as a feature request with a few examples from us, and gets wrapped up under the "extract data" from the "what we're working on". No sign of it in the new release/RC. I suggest raising a Feature request for your exact metrics/examples to make sure they develop something fit for your needs.

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Is this the feature request your referring to?  Log Analyzer - Allow searching for varbind name / value pair

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Pretty certain that the new tool doesn't retain the varbinds as separate objects, they just all get clumped together as "message"

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From my experience that is what it does, but it really isn't helpful at all. Most messages contain a lot of useless information that just clutters things up if you display it as a whole.

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Would have been nice if they actually had the features of the old tool before they "deprecated" it.  😞

I have raised a feature request idea here: Please up-vote it as this is the same function you are asking for!

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