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How can I insert a static image into an email alert?

I would like to create an email alert with a static image inserted. The use case is that I would like to show what the positive result should look like for a login screen that the end user can verify when they receive the email alert.

Any ideas how I can insert an image into the syntax? Ideally I would like to use the User Notes section on the application component itself.

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Haven't tried it with SolarWinds HTML alerts, but you can embed images in HTML using Base64 encoding.  I embed social media icons in signatures email this way.  Make sure you do not include them in plain text messages such as those going to mobile phones via text.  There is a binary named 'base64' on Linux that will do it on the command line, as well as some simple PowerShell stuff out there if you need to script it.  If it's just for static images like icons, search for HTML and Base64 encoded images and you will find online encoders for your images.

The proposed solution works.  You need to make sure to use the right opening and closing caracters.

For me it worked with the following format

<img src="data&colon;image/png;base64,iVBO...ghiuygjhk">