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Level 7

High Link Utilization Alerts from vlan interfaces

Hi community team,

We are using Solarwinds to monitor our network. We have configured an advanced alert for High Link Utilization.

So as per the trigger condition, alert triggers when EITHER the receive percent utilization OR transmit percent utilization is above 90%.

Now this alert works fine except for one problem:

We also get this alert from Vlan interfaces. From my understanding, input/output rate on a vlan interface is the layer 3 traffic. So if the input/output rate is high (which is causing high link utilization alerts), it means that there is lots of inter-vlan traffic . 

As there is so much noise because of this, we are thinking of fine tuning the alert condition. Has anybody else faced the same problem? If yes, how have they fine tuned it? As of now, we are thinking of adding an extra condition in trigger condition which will exclude *vlan*.

Do you have some other better ideas to tackle the same problem? I am skeptical of removing vlans altogether from alert condition, so thought of asking this Q to support community.



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Level 11

Did you ever find a fix for this? I have the same issue and have excluded vlans (I've tried 2-3 ways) and none of the exclusions are working.

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Level 8

If you do not want alerts from the vlan interfaces then add another filter to exclude vlan interfaces. In out network we have a created a custom property for the interfaces that we want to monitor for high utilization. Namely our wan interfaces.

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