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Level 9

Group alerting emails

Sorry I'm fairly new here but I need some help, I have it setup so far where I get alerts whenever a "group" goes down and it tells me which device. The problem I seem to be having is that I can't find a way for it to give me the ip address nor a legit address link.

Heres my Trigger condition


Here is what is configured for the email, all of which works


Then here is the one I got configured to also send a link and ip address, which does not work.


Example of test, and official send too.


And no that web link doesn't work. What am I missing? I notice if in the trigger condition if i just choose one node, the ip will work, but for some reason it wont with a group even though it knows which member is having problems within the group..??? But I need it for the group.

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Level 7

Do note that root cause :

A) can have multiple items

B) do not have to be nodes (and thus might not have direct ip addresses)

Either case, it would not have a single ip address attribute.

I do not know if you can somehow add properties to each of the items in the root causes, but I'm guessing no.

You can do it with a report, though I'm not sure how you can dynamically link it to an alert email.

I'm not sure what you mean by address link.

Isn't DetailsURL that if you're looking for the group page? If you're looking for each individual member, then it'll be the same answer as before.

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Thats what I figured, but something strange I found out...   It will work if I have it focus on contacts/ or department. It will then display everything correctly. Department has multiple devices within it, same as group. However for now I need group since not all devices are listed in the correct department. Very odd that it works for contact or department but not for group even though they all contain tons of devices. It's honestly kind looks like a bug to me at this point or something forgotten.

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