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Edit Selected Action / Variables question

Hello all,

My issue today is that I'm getting what appear to be 'cooked' values when I haven't asked for them. For instance, why is ${Acknowledged} giving me "Not Acknowledged" when I should be getting a 0? (or, I assume I'll get "Acknowledged" instead of a 1.)

Also, ${Status} is giving me "Up" instead of the numeric value, which is what I'd expect given the fact that I can get a string or 'cooked' value from the ${StatusDescription}.

Of course, the fact is, the help at;

doesn't actually tell you what kind of data you're going to end up with. (string, int, DateTime, etc.)

I guess the question is, are those the expected values of those variables? Also, IS there a variable that will give me the Status and/or the Acknowledged values as their numeric/ID values?

Any help appreciated.

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