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Don't Alert if App/Component is still performing initial polling

I'm creating alerts and currently I have them set to alert if an app component is not in Up status.  The problem is when we first assign templates they immediately alert us because they are "Unknown" since they are being polled for the first time.  But I don't really want to filter out Unknown from the alerting since I would think that status could come up other times when there actually are issues.  How can I filter out so that if the initial poll is still in progress, it won't alert?  I can't find any fields that would allow this in creating the alert.

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There is not an automatic way to do this.  You will want to put it in maintenance mode (Mute alerts) for a short time until you get the monitor configured and "green".  This method works ok for creating a small number of application monitors since you can view them right after creating them and do the maintenance mode.  If your alerts are configured to kick off faster then you can get the monitor in maintenance mode, then you can put the node in maintenance mode before you create the monitor.

Generally though, I would say that most people use custom properties in the alert to know which monitors they want to be alerted on.  Eventually you will have monitors that you never want to be alerted on and you need some way to filter that, and custom properties is a really good method for that.  With the custom properties they will not be initially set, so it will not alert, then later you set them.  I'm not suggesting you use custom properties just to get around your issue, I am only mentioning them because most people eventually need them for other reasons and they just happen to also solve this problem.

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