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Custom node poller alerts preview broken

Im trying to configure an alert against a custom poller. 

When I browse to select the field/event it gives me the option at the bottom to change the reference object. I change it. However when I switch off of "custom node poller" down one level in the tree to "custom poller current status" It displays the statuses of another type of object. (the object type I changed away from at the beginning. SO when I started it was referencing a UPS. So the status options are for batteries, time, etc. After I change it to my ASA so I will see the fields and current data, I still see the fields from the UPS  with battery info, etc like I never changed it. 

Ideas how to get them all to follow what is selected and see the appropriate poller data details? 

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Please share some screenshot of the issue so that we can better understand where is the problem.

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OK. Sorry. 

I start and it picks the first poller alphabetically. 

So I look at the properties and indeed I'm looking at the details of a UPS poller. 


I change the target to my ASA VPN poller

I go into the poller details again, and its not showing me the correct OID, field details, etc. Its still showing the original UPS fields. 



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