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Custom Poller Package Formula

I am trying to create a new poller that will get me the actual model of a cisco device instead of the generic model. EX. im getting 3560 and i need it to display WS-C3560X-24P-S.

I found the OID that gives me the desired result but I cannot click where it says "Yes, The data source is reasonable" because at the top it says

" You need to transform the multiple values into a single value or select a different OID. Orion expects a single String in for MachineType. The selected data source returns multiple values."

I have looked at the formula page on here and all related links on the solarwinds site and I still don't know what I need to enter to be able to create this.

Here is the OID in case you want to see the message also:

Anyone dealt with this or know what I need to enter to get to create this poller?

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This exact issue has been solved previously.  I've added the link to that post below.  I tested on my system and works fine. 

In addition to that solution, this is how i do it.  If you use NCM in your environment, you can also query the column "Model" in the table "Orion.HardwareHealth.HardwareInfoBase" or in SWIS the shortcut Orion.Nodes.HardwareHealthInfos.Model for this same data.  

When I do most of my queries I do something like:

SELECT ISNULL(n.HardwareHealthInfos.Model, n.MachineType) as Model
FROM Orion.Nodes n

This looks in the Model column and uses that value assuming it isn't blank, if it is blank it uses the standard Model field from NPM.

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Level 8

I also have this problem with NEC Microwave Radios.   The SysName (and contact/location etc) is presented as a Table with 1 row.  I cannot find an example anywhere about how to select just the first row.  Any help would be great if you managed to fix your problem.


Cheers, Peter

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