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Level 9

Custom Poller Alert Issue


I'm trying to create an alert based on a custom poller as defined below.  I simply need the rule to trigger when the poller status is above 200.  The issue is that its triggering even when Poller status is much less than 200.  The poller status value is being read correctly.




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Level 14

Please make sure to use Numeric Value when looking for the value to alert on a number in a Custom Poller.

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Thanks Sean,

I did try Numaric Value and still does not trigger the alert. Could it be how my poller is set up? I'm using Raw Value set to Enumeration. I have also used text and None with No change.


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Enumeration will have the information into the Status Column if I remember correctly. I have a report that will show you what columns and the values displayed to help with setting up your alerts.

UnDP and Values Displayed Report

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Does this report include poller transforms as well?  I haven't yet determined a way to display my transforms in my reports.  I believe I've alerted on transforms before, but at the moment am trying to show transforms in a report.

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Level 11

Hi sshgraham I believe this is the correct way to do it, i dont have the way to test it right now. but you should be selecting "Value" not "Status"


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I'm attempting a simular alert for F5 Client Current Connections. My issue is the alert is not triggering at all. I have tried both value and rate. At one point i did get some false positives on the rest but never the trigger. I'm graphing the poller as well and can visualy see the cont above the threshold I set.  I currrently have my alert triger set equal to or above 13000 conncetions  for 15 min. We are normaly well above that number during business hours.

I am interested in what you find out on this. We are running 10.3.1 verson of NPM is that makes a difference. I have seen that 10.4 has some additional F5 support.


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