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Level 21

Custom Load Average Alert

I am curious if anybody has taken the time to write an alert that looks at load average on a Linux/Unix server that then takes the load value and divides it by the number of CPU's in the box?

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Level 11

This is an old question, but I have written an alert for this.

I want to alert on:

Custom SWQL Alert

Set up your SWQL condition:

SELECT Nodes.Uri, Nodes.DisplayName FROM Orion.Nodes AS Nodes

WHERE Nodes.CustomProperties.Environment = 'Linux Non-Prod System'

AND Nodes.LoadAverage1 > (Nodes.CPUCount * 6)

OR Nodes.CustomProperties.Environment = 'Linux Non-Prod System'

AND Nodes.LoadAverage5 > (Nodes.CPUCount * 4)

OR Nodes.CustomProperties.Environment = 'Linux Non-Prod System'

AND Nodes.LoadAverage15 > (Nodes.CPUCount * 3)

It works great for us.  Let me know if that helps.

Level 11

We have a custom property Environment which we have populated with Linux Non-Prod or Linux Prod.  I have two of these set up, one for non production and one for production.

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Level 9

I have the same requirement.  Need to configure alerting when the load average exceeds the number of processors (or when the normalized load averages is greater than 1).

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