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Application custom properties in Advanced Alert Manager

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Hi all,

I'm hoping I've just missed something simple. I have taken over ownership of our solarwinds install and have redesigned the way we use custom properties. One of these is the SMTP address to send alerts to. This works fantastically well for nodes where I can use ${node_smtp_alert_address} in the To field along with other custom properties in the html email but I can't seem to find options to use the application custom properties without resorting to custom SQL variables. This isn't an issue within the message body but if you try and use a custom SQL variable in the To field it removes everything after ${SQL which means you end up with an invalid address.

Why aren't application custom properties available from the menu like they are for nodes?

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Excellent that's exactly what I needed thank you.

Rather than create the extra node custom prop I believe my issue will be resolved with our upcoming SAM upgrade so I can just use

  • ${APM_ApplicationCustomProperties.MyProperty}