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Alerting on MIB Values

I need to create an alert that will trigger when the messages / hour value (custom MIB) drops below a predefined threshold.  I'm having problems trying to find any supporting documentation that can assist me in doing so.  Can anyone help?


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Level 8

Is there still no better solution?


My SAM SNMP monitors only return the above error even though I can clearly see the value I want in my MIB Browser and a THWACK search returns this 2 year old post as the most relevant solution to a relatively straightforward `trigger on snmp` function. 

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Level 15

Assuming NPM is involved:

Assuming SAM is involved:

If you're referring to SNMP Traps coming from your system to Orion: Configure Trap Viewer alerts - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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Thanks zackm Expert I have a ticket open for this. Hopefully this helps!