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Advanced Alert question

I have a question on Advanced alerting.  We're trying to get away from Basic Alerts. We want to get email alerts whenever anything on our network goes down, however we also want to utilize suppression so everything at a single site does not spam us when the router goes down.

The problem I am having is how to do this when you have over 70 remote sites, each with their own Internet equipment and routers.  Am I going to have to create separate alerts for each site and suppress equipment behind each router?  or is there a way I can put this into one or a few alerts?

I already have paging alerts set up for different times of the day, but setting this up was a huge pain and we ended up with a ton of alerts.  I'm trying to find a way to avoid having to set up hundreds more...

Or am I just better off sticking with Basic alerting?

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I agree on using dependencies and would say this resource describes your situation well. The bonus of using groups and dependencies is being able to map the groups and the built-in dependency and root-cause resources.

better understand the Orion NPM variables first then you should specify the trigger conditions in your alters (whether basic or advance).

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You need to set up Dependencies for each router.  So when the router fails the systems dependent on it do not alert.  Go to Settings > Manage Dependencies.

Thanks for the response,

We do have dependencies set up for the equipment, I wonder if we just have them set up incorrectly then.  We have it set where the parent is the router and the child is the switch then I have the switch set up as a parent to the access points



Switch->Access Points

Am I wrong with this train of thought?

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