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APM: Compnent alert (Physical Memory Used)

I've been trying to get an e-mail alert to function correctly and think we may have got it cracked now, but would like confirmation.

Basically we have a process that will die on or around the 4GB of physical memory used by that process, we know the process name and had an alert configured

However, the monitored memory was not selected under an APM: Component, but just rather APM: Application selection and therefore we have selected node memory percent used, which was giving false positives. I think I believe this to be the fact that due to the above, the physical memory used (was selected from the Network Node, Cpu and memory) was is for the whole machine and not for the actual APM components memory I correct?

Also, the values that you insert are they free form and we can insert 3.85GB or does it have to be a literal value based on bits,  bytes, kilobytes, megabytes ..... again, it would be good to know this, just for future reference



SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.1.0, NPM 10.0.0, APM 3.0.0

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