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show ou information for ad objects

show ou information for ad objects

Hello there,

we are longterm 8MAN/ARM users since 2012.

Ever since we miss the ou information for the ad objects not shown with the objects.

Exampe: Multiselection, just the objects, no OU information shown, despite it's, at least, for us a very important information.

We grant fs permissions across OUs but we can't figure out who is in which OU when checking the permissions.

So it would be great to show the OU as additional information to ad objects.

In addition one may create a report saying where do people from this OU have permission on other OU shares, for instance.



Level 9

Hello Marcus,

I could perhaps refer you to the functionalities of the web front-end. The "Analyze" area has some functions or possibilities that could be helpful for you, e.g. grouping by OU or additional columns.

Best regards


Level 11

Hello Norbert,

unfortunately it does not solve the problem. In the arm client there's no option to see in which OU the ad object resides at a glance whenever you want to use it. Even in the multiselection it's not possible to see it.

And I have no clue why it's so hard to implement a column with this information as this infomation is essential for us. One scenario where it is essential to see to which OU a user belongs is if there two Jane Dows. How can I seperate them? Correct. It's just possible with the OU. And in ARM it's very hard to get these information.