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Future of ARM Sync! Feature

Future of ARM Sync! Feature


in ARM 9.1 solarwinds announced the availability of the new feature called ARM Sync!

Up to now I could not find wheter a demo nor a Configuration manual nor a user manuel.

I also read the following discussion:

ARM Sync Documentation

This doesn't really make me positive that ARM Sync! is a truly fully developed function.

From an idea point of view, this is a very important function, which is of great interest to our customers.

I would like to ask here in the forum whether the community also sees it that way?

If so, please vote for it, so that ARM Sync! will have a higher significance in product management.

Does anyone know about the latest status?



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Level 8

this is a very high needed feature for us, too!

Level 8

This feature which was already announced from PN last year is very useful. Especially for Schools and universities who have to create new users according to a list (e.g. CSV, Excel, etc.)

Level 9

Like to get an update on that, too.