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Full functionality in the Web Client (Cockpit)

Full functionality in the Web Client (Cockpit)

Unfortunately it is still necessary for us to use the fat client, because not all functions are available in the web client.

For example, we have the problem that the fat client cannot log on to the server because the client PC has a double DNS entry when switching between WLAN and LAN. ARM tries to resolve the client and does not succeed.

The following functions are missing in the web client:
- Edit AD groups (so far you can only edit users and add them individually to a group). But we have to edit groups and e.g. add several users to a group at the same time.
- All functions during user creation (e.g. the script selection is missing here)
- Edit Resources Missing Completely
- Some user actions are missing (e.g. SoftDelete, Delete, OU Move, Change Password Options, all other AD attributes)

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Level 9

I'm also switching between both. What are the plans? Will both be further developed?

Level 9

Any update / info from Solarwinds would be great.