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FEATURE REQUEST: Enhance attribute edit options in ARM web -> simplify self-service & qualify inputs

FEATURE REQUEST: Enhance attribute edit options in ARM web -> simplify self-service & qualify inputs

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Request for attribute changes via the ARM web client: "Change my personal information" and "Change personal information"

We would like to give users the opportunity to change certain AD attributes independently for their account and/or for some HR employees as data owners for other accounts. In order to guarantee the data quality we require, it should be possible to set up different field types and validation options for attribute changes instead of the free text fields. For example drop-down lists, look up tables, validation and building rules similar to the templates for creating users.

This should also help to implement an effective and simplified self-service.

General requirements:

  • Drop-down lists ⬆️MUST
  • Modification of several attributes by one entry ⬆️ MUST
  • Dependencies between attributes (Look up?) ➡️SHOULD
  • Validation / creation rules for attributes ➡️SHOULD

Requirements specific with examples (Why do we want this?):

  • As soon as a certain value is selected from a drop-down list, several attributes are adjusted simultaneously in the background. This is particularly useful for countries (attributes: c, co, countryCode). For example: c=DE, co=Germany, countryCode=276 ⬆️ MUST
  • Drop-down for the personal salutation (personalTitle). At best there is the possibility to display multilingual (de:Herr; en: Mr) and the English value will be entered in the AD. ➡️ SHOULD
  • Validation rules for telephone numbers. ↘️CAN
  • Depending on the country, only the corresponding postal codes should be displayed at best. ➡️SHOULD 
  • Depending on the "postal code" only predefined "street" should be displayed via a drop-down list. ➡️ SHOULD



Similar options for drop-downs, dependencies, education and validation rules should also be available for "Change personal information" in the analyze scenarios, as well. What is our personal intention (examples)?

  • Companies are synchronized into our ITSM as Branches and if a company name is entered incorrectly, a new Branch is created. This leads to additional work and an incorrect Incident/Problem/Change Reporting.
  • Address and communication data is transferred directly to our internal phone book. Here the marketing department would like to have certain standards of data quality.
  • Internal invoices (e.g. MS Cloud User Licensing) are to be issued in the future according to the company (company), country (co), cost center (extensionAttribute**) and/or business unit (division), depending on the region. For this reason, an appropriate quality of data is also required here.
  • We use the value EmployeeType to identify special user types (system, test, external, temp, etc.). Depending on the identification, certain users are not synchronized to the telephone book or as persons in the ITSM tool, depending on a filter.