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Compare NTFS Permissions

Compare NTFS Permissions

As we are about to set up a new role concept, we recognized that it is quite hard to compare two or more users. 

A report or feature which highlights matching permissions of two or more users would be great. 

We once tested a product quite similar to ARM ;). There was a feature called "Kollegenvergleich" which would meet this problem. 

Level 12

Good idea! I always use for this use case the secanrio in the resource view.
If you choose the resource view and type in the user name in top search bar and choose the user object it will show the permissions this user has. Choose another one and you can happy compare the permissions.

But a nice extension to scan compare i.e. "user compare" would be nice.

Level 8

when it's only two users, it might be ok but if you need to compare more, you would need like 6 eyes at min 😉 
So I'd rather prefer an extension or report.