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ARM OU-Browsing for creating new Account

ARM OU-Browsing for creating new Account

hi there,

it would be nice to implement the same feature "OU-Serach" for a custom 'CreateNewUser' template as in the standard template.

This means the "Link" in the Standard template, where you can choose in which OU the User Object will be created.

In the custom template you only have the abitlity to either use the input type 'fixedValue' or a 'DropDownList' to define the value for 'OrganizationalUnit'.

This is either poor or in advance a lot of work - depending of the size an complexity of the respective Active Directory.

thanx in advance

best regards


Level 8

Hi Bernd,

there is a way to fulfil your request. Please use the following statement for the OU Selection:

"OrganizationalUnit": {

    "IsHiddenFromRequester": false,

    "Definition": {

      "Type": "OuSelection",  

      "Label": "Organisationseinheit"



It creates a tree selection in the rich client and a drop down with all OUs in the web client.

Best regards


Level 8

Hello Norbert,

this ist great. I testet it right now and it works fine.

However, I find it unfortunate that some really helpful information like this is not included in the documentation and is not even known to the support.

thank you and

Best regards


li-migration Community Manager
Community Manager
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