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What We're Working on for SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (Updated Jun 10th, 2020)

Access Rights Manager (ARM) continues to evolve. Here is a view of what we are working on:


  • Common Criteria Certification.


  • Permission Analysis
    • Microsoft Teams. Extend O365 permission visibility into Teams. => Now available in ARM 2020.2 


  • User provisioning & recertification
    • Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Enable recertification of AD groups.  => Now available in ARM 2020.2 


  • Monitoring & Alerting
    • Implement view for root cause analysis around monitored events. => Now available in ARM 2020.2 
    • Microsoft Azure AD. Audit activities relevant to permission management. => Now available in ARM 2020.2 
    • Forward/share ARM events via Syslog. => Now available in ARM 2020.2 

We are currently defining the next work items and update this page again in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

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Wow.  This addresses many challenges we've been trying to meet.  May your endeavours be swift and successful!

very consice and to the point information .

thanks for sharing .

Hi Jim,

How are you getting on with these above, is it true that the Office365 part is part of an additional license?


Hi Phil, these are the areas that the team is working on.  You don't need a separate license for the O365 capability.  It's included in the ARM license.

Just finished PoC of ARM and we had a very positive experience. Looking forward to the additional audit capabilities for O365, Sharepoint.OneDrive and Azure!.

Looking forward to seeing the evolution of this already Enterprise Class product

Can you give us a gross estimate arrival time of the cloud audit capabilities being added?

Hi Sandy, Unfortunately we cannot provide an explicit timeline.  Legal limitations.  .  The items listed are actively being worked on, though.   So, they will be coming!

Looking forward to it jimhansen

Good to see the horizon getting brighter in Orion.

I wish your roadmap will include in the future SQL server access by AD/AAD (traditional SQL instance/AZ SQL database/AZ managed Instance)!

Haven't seen any major feature updates to this product in a few months now. Any idea when the next release is coming?

Can you tell something about AD User/Group Recertification??

Sorry, but I can't share any specific dates but be ensured that we are currently very busy working on the next release.

As soon as the Release Candidate is available we'll reach out to all existing ARM customers; we are eager to get your feedback.

What are you looking for?


I have a question regarding the syslog part.

What exactly is planned about the syslogging? It's says alerting. Is a reporting considered as well?



We add syslog support for our alerting mechanism as additional action.


do you have any details about it? Do we need an additional syslog server or is one included in this feature?



Starting with the release 2019.4 we support alerts to be forwarded to existing syslog servers. ARM does not act as a syslog server for related functionality you should take a look at SolarWinds Security Event Manager or Kiwi Syslog® Server.

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