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Level 7

unable to complete initial basic configuration of ARM

when I get to the sql screen of basic configuration I get "Some problem with your database settings:
Server name or instance does not exist or is not available."

ARM install did not install SQL express so I installed it myself and then uninstalled and reinstalled ARM. Same deal.

What gives?

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Level 10

What is the name of the instance? If you're using the default instance, leave the name empty.
If you've given the instance a name, use that one (ARM's SQL installation uses SOLARWINDS_ARM)

Here's what it looks like in my local test-machine:

2020-06-23 15_45_38-Window.png

The local database should always be reachable, missing permission should give a different error message.

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Level 10

can you attach a screenshot of your basic configuration please

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