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Level 7

Template Initial Password Setup

I have been trying to get the Initial Password setup.  I am having some issues setting the min length.  I have it set to 15 and the default password is 16 characters.  I am not sure what I have wrong.  I am very new at this.  I have been working with ARM a total of 3 days.

"InitialPassword": {
        "MinLength": 15,
        "IsComplex": true,
        "IsMasked": false,
        "DefaultValue": "qhfirnsb48!2eht8", <-- Not the real password
        "Constraints": {
                 "ValidationRule": "[^\\s]*",
                 "ValidationInformation": "At least 15 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one digit or a special character. No                      spaces."
"PasswordOptions": {
           "MustBeChangedAtNextLogonDefault": true,
           "CannotBeChangedByUserDefault": false,
           "NeverExpiresDefault": false

When in the form, I get an error that my password is too short.

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Level 10

works fine for me, what version are you on and in which interface are you seeing the error? Do you see it in both interfaces (web + fat client) or only one of them?

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