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Solarwinds Orion Hack?

Hello community,
just read it on that Solarwinds  was hacked and malware was injected to a Orion update. Anybody heard of it?
I wonder if ARM could be also affected in some way.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

I can appreciate the desire for more explicit language. Currently, the most complete statement we can offer is available in the Security Advisory, CERT Advisory, and the FAQs.


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You can find the full list of SolarWinds tools and modules that are (and aren't) affected here:

(spoiler: ARM is not affected)

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Well if I read this"

*NOTE: Please note DPAIM is an integration module and is not the same as Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), which we do not believe is affected.

SolarWinds products NOT KNOWN TO BE AFFECTED by this security vulnerability:".

I see that Solarwinds does not even know if DPA is affected and obviously can't tell if any of their products is definitly, 100% not affected.

A list with products which maybe not affected is not enough. There has to be a list of products which are definitly, 100% not affected.

B*st*rd Operator from Hell
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