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Recertification - How can I config the Recertification not to execute immediately?


I have a very urgent issue!

How can I prevent ARM to immediately execute the actions assigned in a recertification? In my testings there were always emails to the ARM Administators if a permission should be removed.

Now we started the first Recertification for the whole company and unfortunately there were already some permissions removed there a way to prevent this?

I need help please!

in the documentation it's written: "Click "Execute Actions" to finalize your decisions. The Administrator gets a list of your decisions for implementation." so why is it executed immediately? 

any ideas?

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I guess the documentation is wrong at that point, because it works differently:

If possible ARM will automatically remove the user. This is only possible for direct permission or permissions given via ARM permission groups.

If a user has been given permission by a different group, ARM won't touch it because it does not know about possible site-effects (maybe the group manages different stuff as well and the user might lose access somewhere else). In that case an email will be sent to the ARM administrators.

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Well I guess this "urgent issue" is for the Solarwinds support. Not for thwack

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