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Install Collector on Exchange - Fail

Hello guys,

im pretty new in the forum and in Access Rights Manager. So i would like to ask you about my problems in installing collectors on exchange server 2016.

We have 3 Exchange Server 2016 CU 18. (It is a Cluster).

First of all i installed only the Collector on each exchange server (by starting the .exe) (same was as on the Fileserver)

The Installation said it was successful.

Then i wanted to add the collector in ARM Configuration. I am able to find the exchange server, and it tries to connect to the collector but it always says: System.Management.Automation.Remoting.PSRemoting.Transportion.Exception

So i am not able to add the collectors from the exchange servers and i cant use it for Exchange Scans.

The User which i use while installing the collector, or trying to connect to it is a domain admin.

I allowed the Traffic on FortiGate between the ARM Server and the 3 Exchange server in both diretions. Standard Port

I created a service Account and put it to AD Group "Organization Management" but i guess that has nothing to do with installation of collector.

I appreciate if anybody has an idea, if i have to configure something special on exchange server, whatever..

The collectors on our 3 Fileservers work without any problems.


Thanks for your help



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You don't need collectors on the Exchange server since scans are always remote via PowerShell.

Even when installed locally it will be a remote scan, so to speak. You have zero advantages.

The problem you face is not a collector problem but a configuration problem of the scan itself.

Usually people tend to forget to configure the PSLanguageMode:

But also it's tricky to find the correct authentication method, but default usually works.

When the scan fails, you need to check the armServer logfile in C:\ProgramData\\8MAN\log on the ARM server. There should be a more specific error message.


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