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Level 7

How can i Select another Primary Group for a Single User in 8Man/ARM

I like to delete the Standard Primary Group for a User and Select another Group to his new Primary

Can i princible do this with 8MAN?

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Level 10

Hi Korbi,

yes you can do it.

1.) you need to go to "C:\ProgramData\\8MAN\cfg\pnserver.config.xml"

2.) Add following lines if not there or extend



       <PropertiesToLoad type="System.String">primaryGroupID</PropertiesToLoad>



                   <IsChangeable type="System.String">true</IsChangeable>         

                   <IsInitialConfigurable type="System.String">true</IsInitialConfigurable>        





3.) Restart ARM Service, unfortunately this cahnges are only take over after service Restart.

4.) Add the Group you like to have into the Groupmembership of the User for example Marketing (RID 1140)


5.) Now edit the LDAP Property:


6.) Change the PrimaryGroupIID


Hope that helps.


Mike (ARMExpert)

Hi Mike,

TIL. Is "ischangeable" really a string though? Sounds like it should be boolean.



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Hi Paul,

yes, it is a string, but only in the section for "PropertiesToLoad". In all other sections you are Right it would be a System.Boolean.



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