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Hide disabled users in reports


I currently use solarwinds ARM mainly for creating reports.

In our Active Directory there are several disabled users who remain in the permission groups.

If I now want to see who has access to what, these disabled users are always displayed in the reports.

Is there an easy way to hide all disabled users from the reports?


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Level 11

Hello Ferdi,

yes it's possible. You have to set this "<Blacklists.AccountNotShowing.IsAllowed type="System.Boolean">true</Blacklists.AccountNotShowing.IsAllowed>" in your pnServer.config.xml. But it's a global setting. You can't set it on a per report basis. Except on the permission difference report.

blacklisting 2019-10-05 113806.png

Level 10

Hi ferdi,

there is no option to hide disabled accounts from the report since this would falsify it.

What you could do is generate the report in Excel format and then filter out permissions of disabled user accounts. You can find the tag for disabled accounts in the legend of the report.


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