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Difference between Data Owner Configuration (ARM Configuration) and Ressource Owner (Web Client)

Can someone of you tell me the difference between the Data Owner Configuration (ARM Configuration) and the Ressource Owner (Web Client)

We want to start to use the Recertification of the ARM System and know I'm wondering how would be the best practice to implement this? Via Data Owner or Ressource Owner?

Can't find any explanation about the meaning and impact of Ressource Owners...

thx for any info! 🙂

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Level 11

Hi Tante_Jana,

look at the admin guide. It's described in there. See page 474

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Hi @allmecht ,

I already read this information, but I would like to know which kind of impact the assignement of ressource owners have?

If I only assign Ressouce Owners, is it also possible to implement a Recertification? what's the benefit of Ressource Owners?

Or is it unnecessary if I also have a Data Owner assignement?

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Hi tante jana,


resource owners are exclusively used for the approval workflows. You will still need the data owner configuration to make the resources available for requesters and for the recertification.


The main reason resource owners exist is for scenarios where you have different owners inside of a single tree and the folder navigation enabled.

For example lets assume this folder hierarchy:

  • Sales
  • - Europe
  • - Asia

Lets further assume that in the data owner configuration you would have a Sales and a Europe category both assigned their respective folder resources (both marked as requestable and folder navigation enabled in grantma settings).

A potential requester could now request the resource "Europe" through 2 different ways in the web interface, either through the Sales entrypoint by navigating down to the "Europe" folder or directly through the Europe entry point. In scenario one the data owner that would be asked for approval is the owner of the sales category even though the folder has been explicitly assigned to the Europe category. Only in scenario two would the data owner of the europe category be asked for approval.

When using the resource owners on the other hand you can just assign the ownership on the resource and can use that regardless of the context in which the resource is requested.

Hope that makes sense