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Level 12

Data owner simple approval problem

the problem with simple approval turned on is that it is, well it is a global setting. 
The advantage of this option is that the data owner doesn't need to fiddle around with the sandbox.
Disadvantage is manual approval of requests.

So my suggestion is to have something like auto approval based on certain rules. Like inheritance is not interrupted, 
If these rules (maybe someone finds other rules) apply then the request gets approved.

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Level 11

Most of this can be done with workflows in the WebUI, but the order process that needs to be built might be too complicated for some users since there need to be a lot of entry points at the beginning.


Approval in the normal client is just a good method to introduce ARM at the start and then remove it once the users proved they do the right thing and only a few mistakes happen. Since everything is logged, they have to explain everything when an audit finds out they did something they shouldn't have done in the first place (and here's the question why they had that right anyway).

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A would partially agree with you if the simple approval could be adjusted on a data owner level, which is not possible.
We have around 70 data owner. The range is from noob to expert. So it's not possible to disable simple approval because it's a global setting.
Even if you turn it off. Everytime a new data owner comes in it has to be turned on again confusing the other data owners. The key is the group wizard. It's to complicated for the time to time arm user.

My approache is more sophisticated then the current solution and would solve a big problem.

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I like the idea, have you posted it in the feature requests section as well? 

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I will.

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I have

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