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Level 17

Couple of Issues with initial setup

Working on an initial setup of ARM. In the web configuration, the ARM server does not have the correct collector port, instead it was setup as 8080 instead of 55555.  Is there a way to change this to read the correct port?  Also, I'm getting an error when trying to use the WebUI of

"There was a problem connecting to the pnServer." that I'm thinking is related to this.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi mharvey,

how do you come to the conclusion that the collector is using 8080. That is in the default configuration completely impossible. Maybe you mean the configuration for the WebAPI?

For checking the settings you have 2 places.

1.) <Install Dir>\etc (in my case C:\Program Files\Protected Networks\8MAN\etc because I have updated an old version)

==> Open "pnServer.config.xml" ==> Check "interfacesPort"

==> On Collector you have the "pnCollector.config.xml" ==> Check "interfacesPort"

2.) C:\ProgramData\\8MAN\cfg

==> Open "pnServer.config.xml" ==> "interfacesPort"

==> Check on "grantMa.config.xml" ==> "port" ==> That is the port the WebAPI shall connect to the ARM Server that needs to be the same port as in "pnServer.config.xml" (default 55555)

==> On Collector you have the "pnCollector.config.xml" ==> Check "interfacesPort"

The name "" can be in you case "Solarwinds". 55555 are the basic port for server as well as collector. I don't believe that there is any port defined with 8080.

Maybe you mean the WebAPI port itself?


Check Binding


Here you might be have 8080 defined or the binding is http instead of https


But if that is everything fine you might be using an Windows 2019 and you have an installed Windows Administration Center? Then you have a default setting, that 443 is already used by the Admin Center. You can uninstall the Admin Center or change the port for binding on the WebAPI site.

If nothing helps please check on C:\ProgramData\\8MAN\log, the pnServer.log or grantMa.log for errors and let me know ( could be solarwinds on your machine).



Thank you for the information.  Found out where I flubbed things up, to use the technical terminology.  When I looked into the grantMa.config.xml I could see where I fubar'd the intiial config with port 8080.  I updated that to 55555 and relaunching the ARM web configruation utility now shows the correct port.  This also corrected the error on the website and it's now allowing log ins.  Thank you for this information.  

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Cool, that it helps you. Have a nice day. Cheers Mike

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