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Best practice to shrink database?


when we started using the ARM, I logged everything without limit for testing, which made the database file very large.

The database file is now about 80GB, but 40GB of this is whitespace.

Is there a best practice to shrink the SQL file again?
I know that it is generally not recommended to shrink SQL files because it can worsen the performance, but the database will never grow back to 80GB, so I really want to get the whitespace back!

Another problem:
The log file "ARM_log.ldf" is now 12GB in size and gets bigger in irregular intervals.
Sometimes it does not grow for days. But from yesterday to today it grew again almost 2GB, although we didn't make any big changes in the ARM.

I am of course aware that the size of the log file depends on the settings of the ARM and also on what is being logged, but is it normal that the log sometimes doesn't grow at all and then suddenly so much?
Is 12GB too big for a log file?


Kind regards


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Level 12

there is no problem with shrinking the database file(s). Just use the SQL Server tools to do so.
Concerning your transaction log file perform transaction log backups and your problem's solved.

B*st*rd Operator from Hell

Thanks Allmecht,

I will try it like this.

Best regards

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