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ARM Web console There was a problem connecting to the armServer


When attempting to connect to the ARM webconsole at https://myserver/#/login I get the following message "There was a problem connecting to the armServer.

I have tried several combination of accounts but for the life of me I don't know where to go to fix this. In full disclosure I'm about as green as it gets with ARM

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Level 9

Also, if I say "login as current Windows User" I get

{"Success":false,"Data":null,"ResponseId":null,"ErrorDetails":{"ErrorCode":0,"ErrorCodeHex":"0x00000000","Message":"Unknown error value '0x00000000'","DebugMessage":"There was a problem connecting to the armServer."}}

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pls. check in the grantMa.log files under "C:\ProgramData\\8MAN\log" if you are connected to the right ARM server. Here an extract from my one:

Configuration   : = localhost

aidManWeb.server.port = 55555

If the server name is right on your log and the port too, then you need to investigate in the logfile if you can find "|Error".

You can also start "Arm - Web Configuration" and check if your values are right


Sorry for German, but the server is German but in English it is on the same location.

The certification could be a problem too.



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What did you configure in the webcosole configuration?

This might be due to wrong ARM server entry or wrong SSL certificate.

This setting works in nearly 100% of the installations:

2020-01-24 17_44_26-Window.png

And for the certificate don't select the Solarwinds certificate. That won't work for the webconsole, it has a different purpose. If there's no other certificate, create a self-signed and configure that.

You can reset the webconsole any time by deleting its site in the IIS and restart the webconsole configurator.