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Hello Thwack0rz,

We installed the latest public version of ARM and had a constant increase of the DB file since then. We installed the RC 1 and RC 2 (because we are brave) and it didn't change anything. 

We do not have many scans or Alerts configured. Is there anything new to how data gets written to the DB? 

Right now the DB increses by almost 5GB a day.

We performed several DB shrinks but this only helped for a day.

Any idea?


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We have found our problem. We activated Exchange and File Logga without limits. Anything that could be logged was getting logged and the daily SQL maintanance task is now using too much space causing full disk and this task can't shrink afterwards due to none available space.

We do not want to extend the volume. Insted, we would like to delete entries inside the database.


Now, just a quick question: 

Exchange logga has been deactivated comepletely. File logga has been set up with less logging.

Is it save to delete 'loggaActionsFileRead' etc entries  inside the   PK_timline_events_id table   or would ARM crash? We want to get rid of these.




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Product Manager
Product Manager

There were no DB changes in 2019.4 which I understand you observed the growth the first time?

It would be interesting to understand if it is the database or database log files that increase that much?

Also as customer, please don't hesitate to contact Solarwinds support to troubleshoot your environment.



Level 11

Hello swg,
that sounds familiar to me.
1. do you log off the ARM clients, config as well? If not, the database increases and does not cleanup.
2. how is your retention setup in ARM?
3. Do you use the ARM website/datawarehouse?
4. check the sizes of your scans, i.e. our DFS scan is about 3,5 GB each night.

These are the main reasons for a growing ARM database.




thanks for your help. I optimized archiving etc and also found a double scan after checking the scans another 100 times. Must have missed this one while scrolling down the scan list. 

Would be cool to also be able to use different colors for each kind of scan on top of the specific symbols. 

Going to do some more testings 


Oh and forgot to mention: I was indeed logged in all the time. In the client and in the config 😕


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