SolarWinds Certified Professional Testing with PSI

As you most likely know, SolarWinds is contracted with testing vendor PSI to administer our SCP exams.

Do you have questions as you prepare for an upcoming exam? Did you recently take an exam with PSI and experienced a hiccup?

Linked on our SCP Program Page are samples of the PSI Confirmation Email, with a detailing of Identification Requirements, the Environment and System Requirements, the Compatibility Check, and requests for Special Accommodations.

We have also included a copy of PSI's Admission Rules, a listing of Violations, and a listing of programs that if running in the background of your computer, will prevent your exam with PSI from starting.

We encourage you to review these samples and reach out with any questions ( 

Happy Testing!

  • I'm not a fan of the online testing, so I'm hoping you will move to a method that allows "in-person" testing again.    I know a few others feel this way also and are, like me, letting their certs expire until a better solution comes around.   Guessing this number will just continue to grow.

  • We are working towards in-person testing after Partner bootcamps. We will continue to test remotely with PSI for our customers.

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