Rounding up CPU Alerting values

I am currently setting up alert to Webex using POST actions. My syntax is working but when the alert is triggered, the value for CPU load percentage is showing to 5 decimal places.

E.g. alert value shown as 87.83334 % (screenshot below)

How do I remove the decimal numbers and just round it up to whole number values?

Any assistance would be most apprecated.

Many thanks,


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  • (index="xyz" host="abc" sourcetype"Perfmon:Memory" collection=Memory object=Memory counter="% Committed Bytes In Use") OR (index="xyz" host="abc" sourcetype="Perfmon:CPU" counter="% Processor Time")
    | where Value>50
    | timechart span=<YourForwarderSpan> list(counter) as Counter list(Value) as Value values(host) as "Computer Host" values(source) as "Event Type" values(object) as Object
    | search Object="Memory" AND Memory="CPU"
    | eval Value=round(Value,2)."%"
    | rename Value as "Percent Usage"
    | table _time "Computer Host" "Event Type" Object Counter "Percent Usage".

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