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SolarWinds Certified Professional Community Forum Page

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening THWACKsters!

My name is Sara Clark () and I am SolarWinds’ SCP Program Manager. I was brought on board in June of 2021. Prior to my joining SolarWinds, I worked for 10+ years in exam development/maintenance for an Engineering Technician not-for-profit.

My primary focus with SolarWinds is to update and maintain the existing SCP exams and develop and maintain any future exams. We will slowly make some changes to the formatting and feel of the exams to better reflect current industry best practices, however the SCP exams will still follow SolarWinds products.

I am open to any feedback you may have regarding the existing SCP exams, or anything related to the SCP certification process.

My goal is to utilize the SCP Community Page in THWACK to post updates on our maintenance progress and notify the THWACK community of any SCP related news. I welcome your thoughts on future posts.

Feel free to send me a private message via THWACK or email me with any questions or concerns.

Sara Clark
SCP Program Manager