IS thee any way to merge under one page for modern dashboard and classic dashboard

I want to make one page dashboard which includes stuff for modern dashboard and  a classic dashboard 

Like on top of pgage it shows me kpi widgets and thee down the page it shows summary page like top ten percent utilization, groups of groups nodes

  • Hello! so while you can't directly *merge* a classic and a modern dashboard, they are built on different technologies, you can add some of the widgets you're used to in classic views, to a modern dashboard, such as table widgets (Nodes, Availability, etc) 

    This article should help you get started on what kinds of widgets you can put into modern dashboards and how to do it. Slight smile 

  • As @cheryl1 said, they based on different technologies but I think SW is moving away from the classic Dashboard.  They are just figuring when to actually phase it out just like the old Alerting, report writer and Network Atlas.  Given that all of those are accessed via the server and SW decided to move into all web based configuration, it would make sense for them to move away from the classic Dashboard.  It's just a matter of time to complete migrate all the design from old to new one.

    You can also check the context exchange for Modern Dashboards here in thwack.  Below is the link for your convenience.

  • Correct, at least as much as I know from interaction with the Product and UX team. Wink There are a lot of benefits to the modern dashboard architecture and more capabilities, not the least of which is modern widgets and not being constrained by the static columns, where every widget in a column must be the same width. When using widgets like maps, there tends to be a lot of wasted space in a column because the map needs to be wider/larger than many widgets that would be in the same column. So you end up with Utilization or health widgets that are much wider than they need to be, because the map is dictating the width of the column.

    We are still working on the tool. Speaking for myself, usability is a big factor. If you're really savvy with SQL or SWQL, the tool is quite powerful and flexible, but for many users who maybe aren't as strong with queries and DB language, it can be challenging. 

    I loved that we have a content exchange for this tool as much like custom reports, we have a lot of savvy Thwack users who are willing to share their creations and their skills with the community. Thumbsup

  • Thanks for your reply,
    I wish it will be doable, some widgets on modern dashboard on top of page and orther info whcih we display in classic view like all groups will come down