Asking for user id and password


When I try to watch some reference documents and videos for my study purpose using the below-given links, it's asking for a username & password but at the same time when I tried to create the same, I am unable to create it. It's asking for the organization's SWID. Kindly suggest for further.

  • you need a user in the solarwinds customer portal, the swid is your organization's solarwindsID is SWrandomnumber string

  • Your User name and password are linked to your SWID (SolarWinds ID) that you receive when you purchase products and is active as long as you are active in Maintenance and Renewals for your products. The Customer Portal content is available only for customers with active renewal contracts.

    If you do not know what your company's SWID is, reach out to customer service or to whomever in your organization manages the account. They can add you as well. I hope that helps!