NCM - config files: Script to move information in the snmp-location line to the snmp-contact line.

I want to create a script that moves some information from the snmp-location line to the snmp-contact line in switch & router configs (NCM). Anything after the zip code in the location line should be moved. The current information in snmp-contact can be deleted, and I have a script already prepared to handle that.

Does anyone know a script that would achieve moving information from one line to another, specifically after a 5-digit zip code?

Thank you for the help.

  • Hi Ryan, you may want to pose this question in the NCM Forum and also browse the NCM content exchange. We have several users who share scripts and content and they're quite good at writing them. Someone may have already written something similar or could help you. Scriptwriting is definitely not my forte, but I know several Thwack users who are regulars in the NCM forum who are great at it.