How Can I uninstall the SAM products?

I want to uninstall the SAM product, I was installing the product, but due to some issue, it's shown an error to me.

So, I want to uninstall it and re-install the same once again. So, Please tell me, how can I uninstall the SAM products?

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  • Which version is your environment on?

  • Check out this article which takes you step-by-step through uninstalling SAM on version 2020.2.6 or earlier. If your version is later than 2020.2.6, I suggest you contact support to make sure the process is the same. 

    Any additional questions, you should probably reach out to support so they can understand your specific environment and make the appropriate recommendations. 

  • I don't know. Can you please tell me how to find the product version?

  • When logged in right at the bottom off the webpage it will say which modules you have and the version number

  • Have you installed it in conjunction with other SolarWinds modules or is it a standalone SAM installation ?

     has pointed you in the right direction, go through that link.

    But with the kind of experience I have with a multi module setup, its not always easy to uninstall SolarWinds modules, its best for you to raise a SolarWinds support case. If I am not wrong for some customers they did provide custom uninstall scripts to uninstall modules, but then it again depends on case to case basis, this is not something that SolarWinds support does on a regular basis.

    But end of the day I am not very confident or comfortable in stating it will be a clean uninstall.

  • While opening the Solarwinds web console, it's showing an error. Because of this, I am unable to check the version. I tried to uninstall manually using the control panel as well as tried to delete Solarwinds related folder from the C drive. But few folders, I am unable to delete as well few components I am unable to uninstall using a control panel.

  • In the command line, run the following command:

    'path to exe'\SolarWinds.Orion.Installer.exe -uninstall

    ---I Tried to run above command to uninstall all the components, but it's not working.

  • I am new to this product, so I don't know about most of the components. I am trying to install this product for the 1st time in my LAB to understand the product and its working style. So, I downloaded the offline installer like "Solarwinds-SAM-2023.1.0-OfflineInstaller" and try to download this, following the given steps. But in the end, I receive failed installation msg, but so many components are populated in the control panel. But the product is not opening.

  • There are 3 reasons for uninstalling SAM.

    -In the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, select Settings > All Settings and click License Manager.
    -In the License Manager, select the SAM license to remove.
    -Click Deactivate to remove the SAM license activation and server assignment. With the license deactivated, it is parked, or available but unused.

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  • I'm sorry I missed your reply. Since this is the SCP forum, I don't watch it as closely as I do the Classroom forum. I agree that if you are having issues, please raise a support ticket. Ease of uninstall is something that the product team has continued to work on and improve. That's not to say that there isn't an issue sometimes, particularly from influences in the environment. I hope support was able to assist you!