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  • Ticket disappearing from user's queue when status type changed?


    I created a new status type called ITSR-Internal Review. Upon changing the status type of a ticket to ITSR-Internal Review, the ticket is removed from the user's queue but can still be found when searching by status type, and is still assigned…

  • RE: MFA on Global User Account

    Thanks for the info, have you created your global administrators at the Server level or Domain level. It is possible to have 'Global Administrators' within a domain rather than specifying them at the global level in Serv-U. Maybe this will help you use…

  • User Email Address Changed


    in SEM how can i find out who has changed SMTP address of AD user?

    thank you

  • Push record updates to portal users

    Incident updates need to get pushed and reflected in the requester's portal, as there occur.  

    Currently, a portal user has to refresh their browser in order to see any updates to e.g.

    • Priority
    • CC
    • Assigned to
    • Category
    • etc.

    This pain point is most…

  • Allow Admins ability to unlock users accounts

    this seems like a simple enough request. I have been in situations where users urgently need to access their account but have to wait 30 mins for their account to unlock . 

    Sure a feature to allow admins and other licensed users unlock a users account…

  • Disable User From Changing Password

    Currently we do not have any AD integration hence we are setting the users password to their AD password. Would like the ability to then toggle a tick box so that the user does not have the ability to change the password. Support says this is not available…

  • RE: Alert on enabled user in a specific OU

    How I got around this: I've got SEM sending an email to an account, which then triggers a Microsoft Power Automate Desktop flow to read the username from the email and check the OU.

  • User Templates Searchfield filter AD Accounts

    With the Searchfiled it is possible to read Accounts from Active Directory in Templates.

    I currently have the following JSON-Code in Place for this:
    "Name": "manager",
    "Definition": {
    "Type": "SearchField",…

  • More granular permissions for users

    We need more granular permissions for users. Some examples of this are

    • Node management - needs to be split up. Some examples
      • Delete Node
      • Manage Groups
      • Edit Node
        • Edit Node custom properties
        • change Polling method
        • Edit caption
      • Poll Now
      • List resourc…