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  • Ability to check out equipment to users and SWSD will remind users to return

    In the Web Help Desk product, there is an ability to check out equipment to employees for a duration of time.  As we begin to deploy equipment to employees while they WFH or even if they need a laptop for the day, it would be great if there was this feature…

  • User group based access using AD authentication for easier user management and segregation

    Problem: When we have large number of database servers and multiple users. To onboard users at times we might end up registering each user one by one and provide access to respective server.
    One way to overcome is to use AD authentication.

    Create Ad group…

  • Archive user

    We have a script that does the following to "archive" a user. Kind of the opposite of the ARM onboarding template.

    • Renames login, email, proxy-email, profile path by appending -archive to those attributes.
    • Disables their account.
    • Removes them…
  • Service Desk - Merge Users / User Accounts

    Case#01001077: We started with users from DomainA then we merged with another coop and brought in users with DomainB. Now we have changed our company name so we have users with DomainC.
    It will be useful to be able to merge users with either DomainA or DomainB…

  • MFA on Global User Account

    I am trying to figure out how to add MFA to global users.  

    I was able to get mfa to work on domain accounts using the ldap servers.  

    Does anyone now a way to ldap authentication of Global accounts or simple prevent global user authentication on the domain…

  • Allow Conversion of User Account from AD Group to AD User and visa versa

    To make it simpler to manage my Orion environment, I add most users using AD Groups.  This works great until you want to enhance rights for a single user in that group.  Usually that is just a temporary change where I want to revert the user back once they…

  • Improve User Experience With Hybrid End-User Monitoring

    How can you be confident your internal and external-facing web applications are up, running fast, and responsive for your users and stakeholders?

    This blog will cover what’s at the core of SolarWinds® Hybrid End-User Monitoring, the steps you…

  • Complete User Profile

    Hi team,

    I was adding the various assets in the organization and was looking to allocate them to particular users. Was wondering if we could have a feature where on selecting a particular user we can see all the assets attached to that particular user…

  • User Email Address Changed


    in SEM how can i find out who has changed SMTP address of AD user?

    thank you

  • Push record updates to portal users

    Incident updates need to get pushed and reflected in the requester's portal, as there occur.  

    Currently, a portal user has to refresh their browser in order to see any updates to e.g.

    • Priority
    • CC
    • Assigned to
    • Category
    • etc.

    This pain point is most…