THWACK Product forums seem under served by SolarWinds tech and the community these days..

I've been a too long time user/implementer/tech tweaker of SolarWinds. How long?  When I first implemented SolarWinds NCM was called Cirrus and some of the icons used were waaayy NSFW in any sense, so that long.  An oh my old THWACK account had enough points to get a hoodie or about anything in the store (shoulda got it then).

THWACK years back seems a great platform to get feedback, help and tips from other SolarWinds folks and the SolarWinds tech people themselves.  Having been away from it for a few years I'm back doing a almost bottom up redo for my current contract company and find THWACK forums with lots of posts and no replies.  When I actually posted a complaint in a thread suddenly a helpful admin came along but what's happened to this community?  Was it the big hack?  I also see the "What we're working on" sections have no updates since 2021, really??  You folks are not working on anything new?  I mean 2021 some months ago time.  It really feels like THWACK has lost a lot of participation from folks that use the products/modules very few posts with decent threads in them.  Now most times I have to resort to just opening a ticket because I get no replies to my posts.  What happened?

  • Great feedback and please keep it coming.  2021 as you can imagine with the security event had us heavily focused on responding to that appropriately.  I would say that around August, we started to pivot back to a normal roadmap and working on features again.  We do have a release in flight and depending on the product new capabilities.  I cannot go into all of them in this post, but things like SD-WAN Controller/Orchestrator support, Advanced Network Automation and more.  Some of this we have working code and myself and my team have been taking it out to customers and partners to get input and feedback.  Always happy to engage and get on calls and have folks from my team share the 4 quarter roadmap and where we are headed.  So again, please keep the feedback coming and you can always reach me via DM here or email if you are interested.

  • How about suspending the new stuff and fixing the existing "features" ?

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