Orion's Message Centre is missing its previous functionality

Please restore syslogs, traps etc to the Message Centre which disappeared (I think) in 2020.2.4

Alerts & Activity > Message Centre used to show syslogs, traps VMWare events,Windows events etc and it was really easy to see which of the log types was producing the heaviest load on Orion. It seems that this disappeared recently and the page now only offers Alerts, Events and Audit.

Please re-add these options to the Message Centre page

  • Hi Robert!

    Thank you for this bit of feedback! Are you able to get that information from the Log Viewer, or is there something about the Message Centre's UI/functionality that made it more suitable?

    As you commented earlier, I'll let the team know about the menu titles. I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything else. :) 


  • Hi Ashley, The info's all there in the Log Analyser and nicely slice-able. It's just the menus that don't quite do what I expected. If the syslog & trraps drop down options were replaced by a single logs option and then that link to the full LA page it think it would be more intuitive. Many thanks, Robert

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