How to delete a map that is a unknown map in an unknown state in Atlas


I have a question please. I have a map with maps inside of it. One of the Engineers deleted the maps and now I have a map with unknown maps. Using atlas to build and update the maps. Running 2019.4 RC2. It does not allow me to delete the maps in atlas. Solarwinds Health shows there is deleted map objects and request that I run a sql script to remove those maps from the db. We have done so as requested. Did database maintenance as well and still the same. Refreshed atlas and still the same.


  • Your map of maps still contains references to the deleted maps. When you delete something in SolarWinds it is not automatically removed from Atlas maps so you need to remove it manually.

    1. Open your map of maps in Network Atlas
    2. Select the objects that were deleted (the unknown maps) and delete the object.
    3. Save the map of maps